First things first - my first name is pronounced “nee-cha.” The C in my middle name stands for Chitphakdithai, pronounced “jit-puck-tie.” You will find my older publications under this name.

I am a new assistant professor in the Department of Radiology & Biomedical Imaging at the Yale School of Medicine, with a secondary appointment in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. I develop algorithms for medical image processing and analysis. My current work focuses on applications of deep learning for analysis of functional magnetic resonance imaging data.

I am a biomedical engineer by training, from my undergraduate studies at Johns Hopkins to my PhD research under James S. Duncan at Yale. In my research, I have utilized techniques spanning from Bayesian inference to modern machine learning. Biomedical applications of my work have varied from registration of brain images, to particle reconstruction for cryo-electron microscopy, to functional neuroimage analysis and neuroprediction.

Recent Happenings

  • Paper accepted at NeurIPS 2021 - Congrats Juntang! - September 28, 2021
  • Honorable Mention Outstanding Reviewer at MICCAI 2021, given to ~6% of reviewers
  • Honorable Mention Reviewer Award at MIDL 2021 - thanks to MIDL folks for putting together a great meeting!
  • Submission accepted for Mini Oral presentation in the Student Paper Award Poster Competition session at 2021 IEEE NSS MIC - Congrats Xueqi! - July 8, 2021
  • Paper accepted by IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging - Congrats Luyao! - May 15, 2021
  • Workshop proposal on Interpretable Machine Learning in Healthcare accepted by ICML 2021 - April 3, 2021
  • Paper accepted to IPMI 2021 - Congrats Juntang! - February 12, 2021
  • Paper accepted to ICLR 2021 - Congrats Juntang! - January 12, 2021
  • Journal paper summarizing the results of the 2019 Connectomics in Neuroimaging - Transfer Learning Challenge, where we won the Best Challenger Award, has been accepted by Medical Image Analysis - January 11, 2021
  • Paper accepted at ISBI 2021 - Congrats Shiyu on your first conference paper! - January 8, 2021
  • Best Paper Award at DART 2020! Congratulations Junlin! - October 8, 2020
  • Our paper “AdaBelief Optimizer: Adapting Stepsizes by the Belief in Observed Gradients” was accepted for Spotlight Presentation at NeurIPS 2020 - Congratulations Juntang! - September 25, 2020